Arabian Horse Breeders Alliance Australasian Breeders Cup

The Arabian Horse Breeders Alliance of Australasia (AHBAA) are proud to bring their unique Arabian show, The Breeders' Cup, to EquiFest. This annual event brings out the very pinnicle in Purebred Arabian Horses and is a highlight competition for Arabian lovers and equine lovers alike.

The Breeders' Cup showcases beautiful Arabian Horses both in-hand and under-saddle to a judging panel of local and international accord.This competition offers its audience a truly unique experience during the judging where they can get up close and personal with the horses on show. This is part of the AHBAA’s goal of promoting positive growth and appreciation of the Arabian breed through education as well as competition.

Come and witness these stunning horses at EquiFest 2017.


Sue Hansen

Colleen Rutherford