When Horses FLY

When Horses Fly

Ever wondered where horses actually go when they are put on a plane to fly around the world? One of the most common questions we get asked is ‘do the horses just go in the luggage compartment on any flight?’

Well the answer to that is NO, horses actually fly on cargo planes when travelling internationally.

Airlines generally have scheduled cargo flights and allocate ‘space’ on the ‘main deck’ of the plane, to various types of cargo and freight. Sometimes your horse might actually share a flight with pallets of milk powder, stone fruit and engineering equipment. Sometimes the ‘cargo’ that’s loaded can be a bit more interesting and quite unusual. In some cases the ‘other’ cargo may even out weigh and out run the horses EIAF are transporting, in fact the cargo may be able to fly itself!

Take this recent flight on Cathay Pacific Cargo, for example, where EIAF horses shared their flight with helicopters and cars!