When Horses Take Flight

Getting from Point A (America) to Point A (Australia) is a massive exercise in logistics when you involve our four legged friends, but Equine International Airfreight (EIAF) is a carrier determined to both simplify the process for owners and ensure the welfare of its precious cargo.

EIAF now transports breeding stock, quarter horses, special breeds, racehorses, sports horses and pets from North America, with departure points from Los Angeles, Houston, Miami and New York in the USA and from Calgary in Canada.

There is no requirement for pre export quarantine in North America and horses are flown by EIAF to Europe where they complete two weeks quarantine, prior to an express flight from Amsterdam to Melbourne, with only one stop in Hong Kong. Once in Melbourne, horses then go through a two week post arrival quarantine.

EIAF Head Groom, Peter Anderson, points out: “This routing is particularly good for the horses as they get a two week break before travelling onto Australia, thus avoiding the ‘dog leg’ of coming through Hawaii and New Zealand to do their quarantine. It’s ideal as it allows us to break up such a long journey.