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Being a Volunteer at EquiFest is a fantastic opportunity to be involved in a large scale multi discipline equine competition.
As event organisers, we recognise that Volunteers are a crucial part of the smooth running and success of any event, and we appreciate everyone who is willing to be involved and support EquiFest 2017.

We will be seeking 80 enthusiastic and passionate people to work with us. With various jobs available from customer service to working within the stables there is sure to be a job for you! You will be able to indicate the area that you are most interested in on the application form. The choices include the following:

  • Competition - assistance with competition set ups and running
  • Exhibition Info – assistance with the operation of information stand & customer service
  • Stables – assistance with general stable duties
  • Marshalling – assistance with escorting horses and handlers to their competition areas
  • Operations Support – assistance as required to the operations team in major set ups and event infrastructure adjustments
  • “Floater” – combination of all above mention duties

Each shift goes for approximately 6 hours and there are two shifts on each day to choose from. Ideally we would like volunteers who can work at least two shifts during the event. A briefing session is additional to the shift availability and will be compulsory to attend. Applications are now open to volunteer at EquiFest! Please fill out the form below!

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NOTE: You must be minimum age of 12 on or before March 30th 2017 to apply as a volunteer.
(Volunteers under 16 must be accompanied by a family member.)

Please upload a passport style photo of yourself:
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Note that some areas of EquiFest require a high level of fitness, for instance, our Competition Teams and Float Teams.
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Example of very fit: I have no physical limitations or injuries and I have excellent cardio fitness.

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Are you interested in becoming a TEAM LEADER? We are looking for a small number of highly motivated, well organised and experienced people to help us lead our fabulous Volunteer Crews. If you have some experience in managing people, or perhaps you have been a team leader for past events - we would love to receive your application.

If you are interested in applying for a TEAM LEADER position please submit a summary of leadership experience (maximum of 500 characters). Please note that as a Team Leader you will be required to work for one shift on all days of the event (minimum of 4 shifts in total) and ideally attend a Team Leader’s briefing session in the late afternoon on 28 March.

Please list your previous experience as team leader.

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Volunteers will be rostered onto a maximum of one shift per day.
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Shift times: (subject to change)
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  • Afternoon 1:30pm - 8:00pm

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